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Local Beer Festivals


This is a list of beer festivals in and around our area, this includes any beer festivals that are within a “reasonable” travelling distance of the North Herts branch area.  We can only add festivals we know about – if you’re a pub landlord (or anyone for that matter) please keep us informed via email. We maintain a separate diary of branch events which covers our meetings, pub rambles, minibus trips and other branch-organised activities.

Coming up soon:

27 – 30 September – St Albans Beer Festival

4 – 7 October – 40th Bedford Beer Festival

18 – 21 October – MK Concrete Cow Beer Festival



  1. Theo Thomas said on 2012/02/22 6:04 pm

    Can you tell us the dates for the 2012 Letchworth Beer festival, please. We’re putting together our 2012 programme and, assuming you’d like us to be present, we’d like to include the date in our programme. Many Thanks! Theo, Bagman, Letchworth Morris

  2. Yvan said on 2012/02/22 6:21 pm

    Hi Theo,

    Unfortunately I do not believe we have a 2012 date for Letchworth finalised yet. We’re losing the Plinston Hall venue this year and investigating alternatives.

    I’ll email you…

  3. Danielle medhurst said on 2013/06/27 11:42 am

    Ay news on a 2013 Letchworth festival?

  4. Yvan Seth said on 2013/06/28 9:16 am

    There cannot be a 2013 Letchworth fest unfortunately. The re-schedule of the Hitchin festival does not give us enough time. (We need at least 6 months to get a fest off the ground. Used to be Hitchin:March/Letchworth:September. With Hitchin now seeming to be a “summer festival” for the forseeable future we just don’t have the resources (people) to manage both. (While the Green House worked OK, it was pretty cold in September – if pushed into winter it would be a freezer.)

  5. Local beer festivals – updated : CAMRA North Herts said on 2016/09/16 3:52 pm

    […] beer festivals (and some not so local) has been updated for August and September. It can be found here. The information can also be found in the calendar on the right hand […]

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