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The North Herts CAMRA Branch committee is voted for at our Branch AGM in March each year.

Any general enquiries about, or comments on, the branch’s activities can be emailed to the Branch Contact by clicking here. If necessary, the Branch Contact will forward your query to an appropriate committee member. We also welcome any feedback, contact, and general discussion via comments on this website and also our Twitter and Facebook accounts (links top-right).

2017-2018 Branch Officers

Committee: Core
Chair Gill Richardson
Membership Secretary Malcolm Mills
Pubs Preservation Offic Vacant
Pubs Officer Vacant
Secretary Frank Richardson
Treasurer Andy Rawnsley
Committee: Additional
Festival Organiser Jon Kirby
Social Secretary Jeremy Kitson
Branch Contact Frank Richardson
Committee member Richard Merritt
Non-Committee Posts
Newsletter Coordinator Brian Mason
Brewery Liaison Officer
Buntingford Brewery Graham Perry
Hadham Brewery  Helen Perry
Garden City Brewery John Hamblin
Martin Ford
Chris Rouse
  1. Mike Peel said on 2012/05/16 7:46 am

    Myself and a couple of pals are members of Doncaster CAMRA and a few years ago we visited the Letchworth Beer Festival – can you please tell me when it will be held this year because if it’s in September we would probably visit it again.

  2. KatB said on 2012/05/21 11:18 am

    Hi Mike,

    Sorry, at this stage of planning the 2012 Letchworth festival we are still awaiting approval/licensing at the new venue. If successful then at least the venue is much more central and very easy to walk from the train station. The new logo has been prepared and a few members are itching to get into writing the beer list already!

    As soon as we get further developments we will be sure to broadcast the news here, Twitter, Facebook, the usual paper media and emails.

  3. Yvan Seth said on 2012/08/21 4:16 pm

    Hi Mike,

    Sorry – should have updated this already. Yes, Letchworthis going ahead on September 20/21/22. Details are here:


  4. Toni O'Neill said on 2012/11/01 10:03 pm

    Good evening,
    My name is Toni O’Neill and I’m a Shift Manager at The Standard Bearer wetherspoons in Stevenage town centre. We have just acquired a new pub manager (Charlie Keene) and he is eager to develop a working relationship with your CAMRA branch.

    I keep our Community Board up to date with everything that is going on in our town and the areas just outside of it and would like to ask if it is possible for you to send us a weekly/monthly newsletter about any events that you have happening. If you have any sort of booklet/brochure that you could send us too then that would be great!

    We are also keen to set up a CAMRA beer tasting session in January of next year with some free beer and nibbles. As we have numerous CAMRA members in our pub who would be extremely interested in such an event.

    We currently stock two real ciders, a minimum of one local ale and two guest ales all the time. We also have Ruddles, Abbot and Broadside as our house ales and these are always avaliable. Our CAMRA customers get 20 pence off of every ale purchase that they make after presenting us with their CAMRA cards, we also accept the 50pence off CAMRA vouchers.

    For up to date beer listings please check our facebook and twitter pages or go onto

    We hope to hear from you/see you soon,
    Thankyou for your time.

    Kind Regards
    Toni O’Neill

  5. Ann Dodkin said on 2013/05/25 2:45 pm


    Does anyone in your area know the current status of The Black Horse pub in Brent Pelham.

    We are thinking of moving into the area.

    We can see it is up for sale but don’t know if it is currently open or if anyone knows if it will remain a pub.

    We are active members Herts Essex Branch.

  6. Yvan Seth said on 2013/05/30 11:08 pm

    Hi Ann, I have asked some locals about the current status of the Black Horse. Will email you when I have some details.

  7. James said on 2016/03/18 12:17 pm

    I have tried to send the following email to using various addresses all have failed ie diary,secretary & inquiries.
    Can you please add the following to the Lytton Arms Beer Festival notice CAMRA card holders 1st pint free.

    What email address is correct for future reference

  8. Colin Ridgway said on 2016/05/01 1:17 pm

    Hi James, sorry not to get back sooner & sorry we missed the date of the event. All change here! I will pick up any posts on here from now.
    Hope it went well & if there’s other info we can publicise (eg other beery events, Camra discounts outside festivals, etc), please let me know.

  9. Liz said on 2016/06/07 11:54 am

    Why is this website so ridiculously out of date?

    Branch diary does not have any events shown for June – surely it should have Hitchin beer festival at the very least. As a CAMRA member new to the area, I am disappointed that there is no detail about meetings, brewery trips etc. And I bet you wonder why nobody turns up at meetings, except the committee.

    Picture of pub of the year should be Half Moon Hitchin, not Orange Tree Baldock. No mention that Half Moon Hitchin is Hertfordshire pub of the year as well.

    Even the comments above date back to 2012!!!!

    I appreciate CAMRA is run by volunteers, but out of date information is worse than no information at all

    Why not copy the Watford CAMRA site which is simple but with relevant and in date information.

  10. Colin Ridgway said on 2016/07/05 5:19 pm

    Liz, There are issues with this website. However its now updated with latest news & dates.
    Still need to amend main template to get rid of SBF banner / heading, & also need to trim some of the text on pages.
    All events & news also updated on Facebook as well.
    Apologies, Colin Ridgway

  11. neal williams said on 2017/01/11 7:07 am

    Hi, I am a shift manager at The Standard Bearer and I have been asked to contact someone in ref your beer and cider festival this year. Last year was great and the locals loved it. We would like to see if we can support and help promote you in our pub and get some drinks in to tickle their taste buds. Please contact either myself or Keyne at 01438731450 or by email and meet up to discuss what we can do. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

  12. Colin Ridgway said on 2017/01/16 6:11 pm

    Hi Neal, thanks for getting touch. I will pass you details to our festival organiser and hopefully you can sort something out. Best wishes, Colin

  13. ERIC RANSINANGUE said on 2017/09/18 2:29 pm

    Good afternoon,
    I’m eric head chef and owner of the Highlander pub in Hitchin and was wondering if you can contact me on 07563554918 in regard to discuss and explain why we did not do right to not been in your 2018 guide after been in it last year and told by one of your member that what we were doing was good in regard to ale
    A bit of explication will help to progress as myself and my staff do not really understand as we have not change the way of working
    Again i really hope that you will call me as I dont feel it’s fair to not give a explication of why !!!!
    best regard

  14. Colin Ridgway said on 2017/09/27 9:19 pm

    As mentioned via Twitter, I have asked one of our branch officers to explain the GBG process and how pubs are selected and why they may not be selected. (It’s all based on the votes of our members rather than anything that the pub may have done differently.)

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