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Stevenage Beer Festival – Ale and Cider Lists

Not long to go now to the first Stevenage Beer and Cider Festival! Here is the latest version of the Ale and Cider lists:

Ale list


Brewery Beer ABV Style
1 Atomic Half Life 5.2 Golden
2 Barngates Cat Nap 3.6 Bitter
3 Binghams Brickworks Bitter 4.2 Best Bitter
4 Bradfield Brown Cow 4.2 Best Bitter
5 Brewsters Decadence 4.4 Golden
6 Brewsters Marquis 3.8 Bitter
7 Bristol Beer Factory Malz 4.9 Best Bitter
8 Bristol Beer Factory Seven 4.2 Best Bitter
9 Buntingford Oatmeal Stout 4.4 Stout
10 Buntingford Polar Star 4.4 Golden
11 Buntingford Royston Red 4.8 Best Bitter
12 Buntingford Twitchell 3.8 Bitter
13 Cambridge Moonshine Barton Bitter 4.0 Best Bitter
14 Chiltern Beechwood Bitter 4.3 Best Bitter
15 Chiltern Double 50 4.2 Best Bitter
16 Clarks Traditional Bitter 3.8 Bitter
17 Cliff Quay Victoria Bitter 3.6 Bitter
18 Cloudwater Bitter 4.3 Best Bitter
19 Cloudwater Brown Ale 4.8 Best Bitter
20 Cloudwater ESB 6.5 Strong
21 Colchester Brazilian 4.6 Porter
22 Colchester Metropolis 3.9 Golden
23 Colchester No. 1 4.1 Best Bitter
24 Cotleigh Harrier 3.5 Golden
25 Cotleigh Honey Buzzard 4.5 Speciality
26 Cotleigh Tawney 3.8 Bitter
27 Cromarty Red Rocker 5.0 Strong
28 Dark Star Hophead 3.8 Golden
29 Derventio Gold 4.2 Golden
30 Elland Beyond The Pale 4.2 Golden
31 Elland Blonde 4.0 Golden
32 Green Jack Lurcher Stout 4.8 Stout
33 Greene King XX Mild 3.0 Mild
34 Hammerton Raunch Red 4.1 Best Bitter
35 Haresfoot Conqueror 4.4 Best Bitter
36 Haresfoot Lock Keepers 3.9 Bitter
37 Magic Rock High Wire 5.5 Golden
38 Magic Rock Ringmaster 3.9 Golden
39 Maldon A Drop of Nelson’s Blood 3.8 Bitter
40 Maldon Hotel Porter 4.1 Stout
41 Milton Forum 3.7 Bitter
42 Milton Marcus Aurelius 7.5 Stout
43 Milton Nero 5.0 Stout
44 New River River Bed Red 4.2 Best Bitter
45 Oakham Bird Brain 4.1 Golden
46 Oakham Bishop’s Farewell 4.6 Golden
47 Oakham Black Hole Porter 5.5 Porter
48 Oakham Citra 4.2 Golden
49 Oakham Hawse Buckler 5.6 Black IPA
50 Old Chimneys Black Rat Stout 4.5 Stout
51 Old Chimneys Good King Henry 9.0 Stout
52 Paradigm Touchpoint 3.9 Golden
53 Paradigm Winter Warmer 6.0 Mild
54 Pictish Brewers Gold 3.8 Golden
55 Pig & Porter Fatal Flaw 4.5 Best Bitter
56 Pope’s Yard Club Hammer Stout 5.5 Stout
57 Pope’s Yard Luminaire 3.9 Golden
58 Red Squirrel Mr Squirrel 4.3 Best Bitter
59 Red Squirrel Red Tail Citra 4.2 Golden
60 Redemption Big Chief 5.5 Golden
61 Redemption Trinity 3.0 Golden
62 Robinsons Dizzy Blonde 3.8 Golden
63 Roosters YPA 4.1 Golden
64 Siren Caribbean Chocolate Cake 7.5 Stout
65 Three Brewers Classic 4.0 Best Bitter
66 Three Brewers Special 4.8 Best Bitter
67 Titanic Iceberg 4.1 Speciality
68 Tring Colley’s Dog 5.2 Strong
69 Tring Drop Bar Pale 4.0 Golden
70 Tring Pale Four 4.6 Golden
71 Tring Tea Kettle Stout 4.7 Stout
72 Triple FFF Moondance 4.2 Best Bitter
73 Tydd Steam Iron Brew 4.2 Best Bitter
74 Weird Beard Pankot Palace 5.4 Stout
75 Wibblers Crafty Stoat 5.3 Stout
76 XT XT4 3.8 Bitter
77 XT XT6 4.5 Best Bitter
78 York Centurion’s Ghost 5.4 Strong






Maker Name Style   Abv
1 Abrahalls AD CIDER D 6.50%
2 Ampleforth Cider CIDER D 6.50%
3 Apple Cottage Waiting confirmation
4 Apple Cottage
5 Apple Cottage
6 Apple Cottage
7 Apple Cottage
8 Butford Organics Perry PERRY MS 6%
9 Farmer Jim’S Perry PERRY M 4.50%
10 Gwynt Y Ddraig Black Dragon CIDER M 7%
11 Hecks Blakeney Red PERRY MS 6%
12 Hecks Hendre Huffcap PERRY 6.50%
13 Hogans Pickers Passion CIDER M 5.30%
14 Hogans Poachers Perry PERRY 5.80%
15 Lilley’S Bee Sting CIDER S 7.50%
16 Lilley’S Crazy Goat CIDER MS 6.80%
17 Mays Medium Sweet CIDER MS 5.50%
18 Moorlands Farm Dry CIDER D 4%
19 Orchards Of Husthwaite Gold CIDER D 7.50%
20 Orchards Of Husthwaite Katy
21 Orchard Pig The Hogfather CIDER 7.40%
22 Orchard Pig Marmalade CIDER 3.90%
23 Orchard Pig Maverick CIDER 4%
24 Purenorth Deanhouse CIDER D 7%
25 Purenorth Valley Zest CIDER MD 7.20%
26 Sandford Orchards Fannys Bramble CIDER 4.50%
27 Sandford Orchards Ginger CIDER 4%
28 W M Watkins Lazy Daze PERRY MS 5.60%
29 W M Watkins Sunset CIDER 7.50%
30 Westcrofts Janet’s Jungle Juice CIDER MD 6%


Stevenage Beer Festival – Volunteers required

This is the First Stevenage Beer Festival run by CAMRA. All Staffing is voluntary. We need 35 volunteers, every hour the Festival is open. Can you, as a CAMRA member, help?

All volunteers who work 4 hours or more will receive a festival T-shirt, a commemorative glass and beer tokens.

Please follow this link for our[…Read on]

The Awards Night

CPoTY Presentaion

The great and the good gathered at the Orange Tree, Baldock on Friday evening 28th August for the presentation of no less than six CAMRA awards! Tara receiving Cider of the Year award from Gill First up were two presentations to Apple Cottage Cider, our local cider producer, who won both the 2015 Hertfordshire Cider and Perry competitions which [...Read on]

All day Sunday opening – Began 20 years ago

Newsletter pic

How amazing, it’s only twenty years ago this year when pubs were first allowed to open all day on a Sunday. Prior to this they had to close at three and they could open again at seven, but on Sunday 6 August 1995 all that changed. Brian Mason, past Chairman of the branch reminisces “I remember it [...Read on]

Stevenage Winter Beer and Cider Festival

We are pleased to announce that North Herts CAMRA are adding another Beer festival to the calendar, this complements the already popular Hitchin Beer and Cider Festival held at the Rugby Club in the Summer.

The new winter festival will be held at the Arts and Leisure Centre in Stevenage, adjacent to the Train and Bus[…Read on]

Hitchin Beer & Cider Festival by numbers – and winners!

Hitchin Hedgehog pump clip art

We’re still recovering from Hitchin Beer & Cider Festival… we’ll digest the experience and publish a full festival report in the near future. For now however, here are the essentials… First – the news everyone waits for after a beer festival: who are the winners?! Hitchin 2013 Beer of the Festival:Bartrams, Comrade Bill Bartrams Egalitarian Anti Imperialist [...Read on]

Hitchin Beer & Cider Festival is … over… :(

An excellent festival, with a lot of excellent feedback. Right now we’re all utterly exhausted though… and still have a tent full of gear to pack away. It couldn’t be done without excellent volunteers from the three organisations involved: the beer festival is 100% volunteer organised & run! (Volunteers are actually “compensated” – in beer!)[…Read on]

Hitchin Beer & Cider Festival starts TOMORROW!

The beer is sitting there chillin’ away in fancy CAMRA cooling jackets now, awaiting our first customers at 5pm tomorrow – Thursday June 6th.

As an intro here is[…Read on]

Hitchin beer festival is THIS WEEK!

Beer Duty Escalator Scrapped!

Hooray! We all won! It is great news that the beer duty escallator has been scrapped – this means less financial pressure on pubs and beer consumers. Read the full CAMRA HQ press release here:

However, let us be realistic – don’t expect your local pub to be reducing their £3.50 pint to £3.49. Even[…Read on]

Stevenage 2016 Beer and Cider Festival

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Branch Diary

February  2016
  • Stevenage 1st Winter Beer Festival

    Starts: 5:00 pm

    Ends: 11:00 pm,4th February, 2016

    Location: The festival will take place right next to the train and bus stations, in the Stevenage Arts and Leisure (SG1 1LZ) centre!

    Description: Details will appear here later.

  • Stevenage 1st Winter Beer Festival

    Starts: 11:00 am

    Ends: 11:00 pm,5th February, 2016

    Location: The festival will take place right next to the train and bus stations, in the Stevenage Arts and Leisure (SG1 1LZ) centre!

    Description: Details will appear here later.

  • Stevenage 1st Winter Beer Festival

    Starts: 11:00 am

    Ends: 11:00 pm,6th February, 2016

    Location: The festival will take place right next to the train and bus stations, in the Stevenage Arts and Leisure (SG1 1LZ) centre!

    Description: Details will appear here later.

  • Mini Bus Trip - Campaigning

    Starts: 12:00 am

    Ends: 12:00 am,14th February, 2016

    Location: TBD