CAMRA North Herts Website has a new home

From March 1st, 2020 all new information has been published on That is a brand new website, not just a new URL, where there are already new features and will be adding more over the coming weeks and months. Meanwhile, all information until this date will be remain on this Legacy Website until further notice.

Please visit our new website now for a welcome and introduction. Then bookmark and visit us there often.

We have already copied 2020’s posts to the new site as well as some permanent pages relating to CAMRA and the branch.

You can move easily between the two sites as there are:-

  • a direct link at the top of the new site back to this legacy website;
  • a direct link to the new site from this legacy website via the top right arrow – next to the Twitter symbol.

Thanks for being a CAMRA North Herts web visitor so far and we look forward to seeing you on the new site.

Best regards and cheers,

Dean Barrett
Publicity Officer
CAMRA North Herts on behalf of the branch committee