2016 Stevenage Winter Beer & Cider Festival

Stevenage Beer Festival 2016 LogoWe are pleased to announce that CAMRA North Herts are organising a winter Beer and Cider festival in Stevenage! Save the dates:

February 4th, 5th and 6th 2016

The festival will take place right next to the train and bus stations, in the Stevenage Arts and Leisure (SG1 1LZ) centre!

Opening times:

Thursday 4th February: 5pm to 11pm

Friday 5th February: Noon to 11pm

Saturday 6th February: Noon to 11pm

Entry on the door:


Click here to download our festival poster


9 thoughts on “2016 Stevenage Winter Beer & Cider Festival

  1. Cannot get staffing form to download.so can ya read again in a different format.
    Or just keep my details on record about my availability
    Many thanx
    Nick P

  2. Arrived early but all seating occupied so rather disappointed. In the good old days the Letchworth festival had a full hall of seating for the afternoon session which was removed for the evening session. Very sensible I thought; specially for old men with a prolapsed disc.
    Apart from that moan the festival was excellent.

    1. Pete
      Thanks for the feedback. The point about seating was also made by other folks (along with some other constructive criticisms). We will take these on board in our planning & in our discussions with the venue – because we’d certainly like to do the festival again!

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