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2013 Hitchin Beer & Cider Festival

until the festival commences!

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(Please report any “bugs” here in the comments, on Twitter to @nh_camra, or via the app contact details.)

(Note: There will also be cans of softdrink and bottles of juice available in the HRFC clubhouse.)

  • Weather? ?beautiful?
  • When? A new later date of June
    • 6th 5pm-11pm
    • 7th noon-11pm
    • 8th noon-11pm
  • How much? £2.50 on the door
    • CAMRA, EBCU, Round Table members & OAPs FREE
    • Re-entry permitted, we will be using wrist-bands
    • A token system will be used for drinks purchases
    • Children are permitted, free of charge, up to 8pm
  • Where? ? NEW LOCATION! ?
    • Hitchin Rugby Football Club
    • Old Hale Way, Hitchin, Hertfordshire SG5 1XL
      1.1 miles from Hitchin rail station – which is just 35 minutes from London King’s Cross and Cambridge rail sations.
      (The same distance from the station as the Town Hall.)
    • TAXI!!! £4.50 fixed price! Boxall Taxis are offering a simple fixed price of £4.50 between the railway station and the club for the duration of the festival. Look out for Boxall Taxis at the station or call them on 01462 43 33 33. (Look out for fellow festival goers and share cabs?;)

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The 2013 Hitchin Beer and Cider festival is hosted as a partnership between CAMRA North Herts, the Hitchin Round Table, and the Hitchin Rugby Football Club. We welcome the Hitchin Rugby Football Club into the fold for 2013 and thank them for coming to the rescue with a new venue for the festival after the town council shut down the Hitchin town hall.

Hitchin Beer & Cider Fest 2013

Hitchin Rugby Football Club
Round TableCAMRA

Real Ale, Cider, & Perry Map

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Our traditional map showing where all our British tipples have come from.

Cask Ale List

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The cask ale list is, as ever, in flux all the way up to delivery. However at this point we’re pretty certain we’ll have everything listed below!

(Note: list can be scrolled down for more beer!)

Click here for list on a page by itself!

Cider & Perry List

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This cider & perry list is a week old and I am sure there have been changes! Chasing confirmation of the list… hopefully this is mostly correct though!

Click here for list on a page by itself!

Foreign Draught List

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Foreign Bottle List

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(Note: list can be scrolled down for more beer!)

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We have a great variety of food options this year provided by several local businesses…

Chef Martin Burke is supplying VEGETARIAN Pies, Pasties and Pastries, Pheasant Pies, Scotch Eggs, Pork Pies, Scratchings and more…

NowNow foods will be providing a range of South African delights such as pulled pork & curry.

Our usual local friends Olives & Stuff and Wobbly Bottom Farm (cheese) will also make an appearance.

Finally, the HRFC will have a BBQ for burgers and are also are providing jerky and other hot food options.

  1. Nick Parrish said on 2013/05/27 1:21 am

    Can I please have details about how to volunteer for the festival please

    Nick P

  2. Yvan Seth said on 2013/05/30 11:07 pm

    Hi Nick! I’m afraid that with three organisations behind us (CAMRA, Round Table, HRFC) we already have more volunteers than we need. An unusual situation for us and we’re still trying to work out how to deal with everyone…

  3. David Crook said on 2013/06/02 1:15 pm

    I am lucky enough to have a wife who is happy to rpovide transport for a few of us on Saturday, on the condition that she can get a soft drink somewhere as she is driving!! Will such a thing be available at the venue?

  4. Yvan Seth said on 2013/06/02 3:15 pm

    I will ask to confirm this… watch this space.

  5. Yvan Seth said on 2013/06/02 3:33 pm

    David, there will be cans of softdrink and juices available in the HRFC clubhouse.

  6. Martin said on 2013/06/03 1:35 pm

    Can we get hot food at the festival?

  7. Yvan Seth said on 2013/06/03 4:15 pm

    Hi Martin, I am happy to report there will be hot food options at the festival. I have added some details to the information on this page.

  8. Richard said on 2013/06/04 9:42 am

    We are hoping along as a group on Friday at approx 16.00 and picnicking in King Georges park (2 families incl three under 8 year old kids). Are children allowed in? Would we be able to enter and exit at will if not. What costs would be involved please? Many thanks….

  9. Rich said on 2013/06/04 7:59 pm

    Are children welcome in the marquee or are we able to enter and exit as we please to take them soft drinks and snacks if needed please ?

  10. Yvan Seth said on 2013/06/04 9:42 pm

    Hi Richard, I’m confirming exact details with respect to children on site and entry/exit. I should be able to let you know sometime tomorrow I expect.

  11. Yvan Seth said on 2013/06/05 3:39 pm

    Hi Richard, Children are welcome at the festival up to 8pm. They will not be permitted in alcohol service areas: inside the marquee or in the HRFC bar. They WILL be permitted in the food hall, and within the outside beer festival area.

    Re-entry is permitted – we will be using wrist-bands to identify those who have paid for entry. Cost of entry is £2.50 (no charge for children) and free for CAMRA and Round Table members and OAPs.

    Alcoholic drinks MUST NOT be taken beyond the perimeter unless in a sealed container.

  12. Bob Markham said on 2013/06/06 2:06 pm

    What does ‘A token system will be used for drinks purchases’ mean?

  13. Yvan Seth said on 2013/06/06 11:57 pm

    We’re using “tokens” (small paper tickets) to pay for drinks to make things easier and more secure in the bar area.

    The system is that you buy tokens at the front desk or at the cider bar. Tokens are worth 50p each. Six tokens for a pint, 3 for a half, 2 for a third. (All beers & ciders the same price.)

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  15. 2013: A Year in Beer | said on 2013/06/23 7:08 pm

    […] had our own Hitchin Beer Festival in early June. This chewed a week of leave! Up to Crewe on the Monday to pick up beer from off […]

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