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Beer Festivals

In 2016, we are running two beer festivals – the inaugural Stevenage Beer Festival took place in February while the annual Hitchin Beer Festival will take place in June at the Hitchin Rugby Football Club (see links for next & current festival in the box to the right).

Naturally, other CAMRA branches, pubs, and independent groups run their own festivals throughout the year. We try to maintain a list of “local” festivals on our own calendar – for festivals across a wider area, and nationally see the links on our “Diary” page.

You may also want to check the “Festivals” category of this website to see what has been posted recently.

If you know of a local CAMRA or, especially, a pub beer festival that we’re missing please tell us about it. Support your local!

  1. Simon Bailes said on 2013/07/03 9:01 pm


    can you tell me the date for the Letchworth beer festival, please? Also who do I need to speak too to discuss supplying some cider for the festival?



  2. Yvan Seth said on 2013/08/20 7:51 am

    Hi Simon,

    There will be no Letchworth Beer festival in 2013 – nor for the foreseeable future. (For various reasons, including: lack of suitable venue, Hitchin being moved to summer so there isn’t enough lead-time for a Letchworth fest, with a 6-month festival interval we’d be a mid-winter festival and need to be indoors.)


  3. Lee Thompson said on 2013/09/12 7:16 am

    No ale fest in Letchworth 2013!!!! This sucks 🙁

  4. Yvan Seth said on 2013/09/20 4:05 pm

    It is a pity, I agree. The branch had had a Letchworth Beer Festival for over 2 decades. I believe it was the 1st North Herts festival. 🙁

    We’re going to focus on making Hitchin @ the HRFC ground bigger & better instead now. As we don’t have Letchworth to plan we’ve already started planning Hitchin 2014.

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