Social Activities

We meet regularly for the following activities:

  • branch business
  • branch beer festivals
  • other branches’ beer festivals
  • brewery visits
  • pub visits


For dates and venues of all of our activities, see:

  • this website’s Diary,
  • the Diary section in What’s Brewing
  • our Social Secretary’s monthly e-mail (sign-up for e-mails via CAMRA HQ or contact our Social Secretary)
  • the Diary section of Pints Of View.


We want to see as many of you as possible at our events.  If we are holding an event near you, please feel free to come and meet us.  You don’t have to be a member, but we hope that if you like good beer you will decide to join.  Husbands, wives or other partners and friends are also welcome, even if they insist on drinking something unmentionable.  We are a friendly crew and you may afterwards decide that you could get more out of your CAMRA membership by joining in regularly.  We certainly hope so.

If you can’t make it to these events, feel free to suggest alternatives.

We conduct branch business once a month at a Branch Meeting or Committee Meeting.  We usually alternate the Branch and Committee Meeeting.  Branch Meeetings are of course open to all members.  Committee Meetings are aimed at committee members, but are also open to all members to attend; but only committee members can vote (if any voting is needed).  Of course, as well as doing the business, we also enjoy a few drinks in pleasant company.

As of 2016, we have reverted to holding two Beer & Cider Festivals each year: Stevenage in February (for the first time ever); and Hitchin in June.  At these, a team of hard-working members ensure that beer lovers can sample a wide range of beers, many not normally found in our area. More help is always welcome at these events; please contact the Festival Organiser to offer your services. You need to be a CAMRA member (or a Round Table or Rugby Club member for the Hitchin festival) if you want to help, but if you are not already a CAMRA member we can sign you up on the spot!

Groups of us also support the festivals held by other branches.  For this purpose, we usually meet on the train (in the front carriage).  Friends and relations are welcome, but no children please, as they cannot be admitted to most festivals.

From time to time we visit breweries at which we see all stages of the brewing process and get to taste the final product. This is not just a fun activity; we also get to hear about the problems the brewers have to contend with, which can affect our campaigning activities profoundly.  Usually these trips are in conjunction with presenting the brewer with one of our Beer Of Festival awards.

We also try to visit as many pubs in our area as we can during the course of the year.  We do this mainly in two ways: Wednesday walks; and Saturday minibusses.

  • Wednesday evening walks around town centres, visiting several pubs.  These walks start at 8pm in the first pub, and the number of pubs (usually four) is chosen to fill a reasonable evening walk for time and length, depending upon how spread out each town centre is.  Some towns require several visits to cover all the pubs.
  • Saturday evening minibus trips to the rural pubs.  VISIT RURAL PUBS WITHOUT HAVING TO DRIVE!  These trips start at 7pm in the first pub, but minibus pick-ups start from 6:30 onwards in Stevenage, Hitchin, Letchworth and Baldock.  A minibus trip costs £6 to members and £10 to non-member.  The number of seats on the minibus is limited, and so, places have to be booked in advance with the Social Secretary; I suggest, you book early.


We also meet more frequently on a purely social basis.

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