Stevenage Beer & Cider Festival – cider / perry list

An extensive range of ciders & perries will be available, as well as two pyders. We also have Apple Cottage’s splendid apple juice for designated drivers.

Producer Name Region Style ABV Tasting notes
APPLE COTTAGE PYDER HERTS M 6 a blend of apple and pears, very drinkable
APPLE COTTAGE SPECIAL BRANCH HERTS M/S 6.7 a very special. cider, a blend of Fastaff apples made many years ago with founder member Frank Smith. Sadly Frank passed away in 2015 and the team have decided to  release the secret recipe that Frank helped to formulate over the 17 years when we started blending cider. You just wont believe it !!
BIDDENDEN KENTISH STRONG KENT D 8 Dry – A strong dry cider made from a blend of Kentish dessert and culinary apples.
BIDDENDEN RED LOVE KENT M 5  Pours clear reddish pink, still. Aroma presents rich apple juice. Taste presents a distinct apple variety
COLCOMBE HOUSE MISCHIEF ON THE RIVER HEREFS M/S 4.5 A clean, crisp and totally refreshing apple cider crafted with a blend of bittersweet and sweet cider apples
COLCOMBE HOUSE ROARING ROCKS HEREFS M/D 4.8 classic Herefordshire farmhouse “off-dry” style cider. Made entirely from apples grown and pressed in our orchards
COTSWOLD CIDER COMPANY NO BRAINER OXON D 6 A dry, still, hazy cider, renowned for its rich, fruity and distinctive quality.
COTSWOLD CIDER COMPANY YELLOW HAMMER OXON M 6 A rich fruity medium cloudy cider full of bittersweet tannins. An ode to DJ Graham, their orchard foreman and legend of mobile beatbox ‘The Yellow Hammer Roadshow’ at Pewsey’s annual carnival.
CRONES USER FRIENDLY NORFOLK M/D 6.1 Med – An ever popular organice cider made from a blend of Norfolk apples.
DUDDA’S TUN CHEERY OLD DUDDA KENT M 4 Medium – This fruit cider is a sumptuous blend of cider and cherry, it has a sweet cherry aroma.
GWATKIN SQUEAL PIG (PERRY) HEREFS M 4.5  Very pale straw in colour with sweet citrus notes in the aroma. A clean-tasting, very refreshing perry
GWYNT Y DDRAIG FARMER’S PRIDE WALES M/D 5.3 A true farmhouse cloudy cider with a wonderfully smooth finish.
GWYNT Y DDRAIG WELSH GOLD (PERRY) WALES M/S 6 Gold in colour with sweet flavour of pear.
HALLETS HEARTBREAKER WALES D 7 Dry – A classic clear dry cider with a full fruit flavour and a delicate sharpness to finish.
HARRY’S CIDER COMPANY No. 8 SOMERSET M/S 6.2 A traditional sweet cider. A blend that consists of bittersweet and bittersharp apples with a slight acidity and sweetness followed by a smooth aftertaste
HARRY’S CIDER COMPANY SCRUMMAGE SOMERSET M 6.2 A traditional medium cider. A blend consisting of bittersweet and bittersharp apples, an acidity and sweetness followed by a slight dryness in the aftertaste.
HAYGROVE EVOLUTION HARRY TAYLOR’S THROWN HAT HEREFS M 5  A golden cider. Rich, ripe, bittersweet apple aromas and palate with a light sparkle. Refreshing tangy apple finish.
HOGAN’S LIBERTINE WARWICKS M/S 6.2 Indulgent, sweetly satisfying cider. Burnt umber in colour, dark, bittersweet, warming Libertine is a rich, tannic cider with unusual depth. Satisfying, exotic and grown up (but a bit on the fringes)….wild, radical, brooding and delicious.
KENTISH PIP CRAFTSMEN KENT M/D 6  Craftsman Cider is the connoisseur’s favourite. Medium dry and full of fresh flavour.
KENTISH PIP VINTAGE PIP KENT M/S 5.8  with a real depth of flavour this is a cider to take your time over
LILLEY’S CIDER BARN CRAZY GOAT (PYDER) SOMERSET M/S 6.8 A medium sweet mix of perry and cider expertly blended giving it a mouth-watering juicy flavour.
LILLEY’S CIDER BARN DARKCIDER SOMERSET M 7.5 Medium – Unique darker coloured cider with woody and caramel notes.
LILLEY’S CIDER BARN PICKLED PARROT (PERRY) SOMERSET M 6 Medium – Cloudy Perry with a smooth and well balanced taste.
NEWTON COURT WINNALL’S LONGDON (PERRY) HEREFS M 5.3 A medium, still, single varietal perry made from pears of the Winalls Longden variety.
OLIVER’S SHEZAM HEREFS M 6 A traditionally made robust bittersweet cider.
ORCHARD PIG CHILLI & GINGER SOMERSET M 4 Medium – A refreshing cider with a maverick bite, made with Ginger & Chilli.
ORCHARD PIG NAVEL GAZER SOMERSET D 6 Dry – Disinctively full bodied. Thoroughly rounded, real orchard cider.
RICH’S CIDER FARM GOLDEN HARVEST SOMERSET M 4.5 Golden Harvest is crafted from locally grown Somerset apples, using traditional techniques to produce this fresh cider.
SANDFORD ORCHARD GINGER DEVON S 4 Fresh pressed ginger root and the finest Devon cider creates this wonderfully versatile blend.
SNAILSBANK APPLEY DAPPLEY HEREFS S 5.2 Sweet – A lively cider blending bitter sweet apples with russet making a light refreshing cider