2018 Stevenage Beer & Cider Festival – cask ale list

Here is the current version of the cask ale list for 2018 Stevenage Beer & Cider Festival. It needs a few beers to be confirmed and some more tasting & allergen info to be added, which we will do in the next version. However there’s plenty of fantastic ales here to suit every taste – from dark to light and from strong to session. Also we have a number of gluten free beers including those from our festival glassware sponsors Nene Valley Brewery, as well as a wide range of vegan-friendly unfined beers. The International Beer Bar list will be added imminently. Cheers!

Brewery Beer Region ABV % Style Allergens (GF= gluten free, V= OK for vegans) Tasting Notes
Abbeydale BA Encantada Sheffield 7.1 Barrel Aged Gruit TBC,
Unfined, Barrel Aged Gruit: Ancient herbed ale.
Abbeydale Voyager IPA Sheffield 5.5 IPA TBC,
Unfined,Oodles of fresh Lime zest, Sorachi Ace and Enigma hops
Abbeydale You Scratch My Back Sheffield 5.5 Stout TBC A Smoked Pork Scratching Stout in collaboration with Smo-fo. A smoky, meaty, salty beast, get your taste buds squealing with delight.
Almasty Nelson Pale 5 TBC
Anspach & Hobday Smoked Brown London 6 Brown Ale TBC
Arbor Simcoe Single Hop 4 GF Single hop pale ale. Gluten free.
Bad Seed Clean Cut Yorkshire 4.9 Cask Lager TBC,
Unfined, clean lager base meets huge hop flavour. Cascade, Chinook and Columbus are truly allowed to shine in this amplified lager.
Bedlam Benchmark West Sussex 4 Bitter TBC Brewed with British hops, malts and yeast, this amber ale has a refreshing bitterness, sweet fruity notes and rich character with hints of chocolate and malt.
Bexar County Old S(un)kool Peterborough 5.2 TBC,
Bexar County Texas Pecan Coffee Peterborough 3.6 Mild TBC,
A brown non-traditional mild. Pecan coffee imported from Texas is added to complement the mild flavours. Unfined.
Bog Brew Bottoms up Stevenage 3.8 Bitter Gluten Local bitter
Bog Brew Pale Ale Stevenage 5.3 American Pale Ale Gluten Columbus hopped APA
Boss Boss Black Swansea 5 Stout TBC Seriously Silky Stout
Boss Saison Swansea 5 Saison TBC Beautiful farmhouse style beer
Brass Castle Bad Kitty 5.5 TBC,
A 5.5% chewy chocolate-vanilla dream of a porter.
Brass Castle Hoptical Illusion 4.3 TBC,
Hop-forward pale ale bursts with tropical, citrus and pine notes.
Brewsters Hophead Grantham 3.8 Golden Gluten A pale hoppy brew with a fresh floral hop character from a blend of English and American hops. A most satisfying and refreshing session beer.
Brewsters Snow Biz Grantham 4 Golden Gluten Light gold with a lovely rich biscuit malt flavour from continental Munich malt combines with juicy Summit, Simcoe & Centennial.
Brighton bier West Pier Sussex 4 Pale Ale TBC Our modern pale ale is clean and crisp built around classic American hops including Columbus and Cascade
Burning Sky Plateau Sussex 3.5 Pale Ale TBC Pale gold in colour, with a crisp malt edge and sharp bitterness. Lots of US & NZ hops to satisfy the discerning
Calverley’s Porter Cambridge 6 Porter Gluten Porter with a high final gravity, giving it a malty sweetness with bold coffee and chocolate notes. Unfined
Castle Brewery Moat Mild Cornwall 4.4 Mild TBC Traditional ale with a sweet chocolate flavour.
Cheshire Brewhouse Govinda – Chevallier Cheshire 6 Strong Ale TBC,
A highly hopped pale ale brewed with heritage Chevallier barley and East Kent Golding hops, to yield a complex mix of flavours including citrus, a high bitterness, and lots of peach and apricot jam. Unfined.
Cheshire Brewhouse Govinda – Plumage Archer Cheshire 6 Strong Ale TBC,
A highly hopped pale ale brewed with heritage Plumage Archer barley and Ernest, Early Keyworth and Jester hops, to give tropical fruit aromas, citrus, a high bitterness and lots of peaches and pears with peppery spice. Unfined.
Croft Ales Black Book Bristol 5.2 Stout TBC Smooth, simple, highly drinkable classic stout, soft hints of black and red currant.
Croft Ales Deep Red Bristol 5.5 Red IPA TBC Made with a blend of eight malts and four hops from America & Australia, a rich, complex and exceptionally satisfying Red IPA.
Dark Revolution So LA Hampshire 4.5 West coast Pale Gluten Citrus hops balanced with cutting bitterness. Easy drinking beer which will leave you wanting more
Dark Revolution Voodoo Hampshire 6.2 Porter Gluten Cherry wood smoked and roasted malts meet spicy chipotle peppers for a complex but balanced beer.
Dark star Hophead Sussex 3.8 Pale Ale TBC An extremely clean-drinking pale golden ale with a strong floral aroma and elderflower notes from the Cascade hops.
Earl Soham Sir Roger Porter Suffolk 4.2 Porter Gluten Black, full bodied and can be sweet. Brewed using pale malt, crystal malt, chocolate malt, and roasted barley, with mostly Fuggles hops and a few Goldings.
Eight Arch Bobolink Hampshire 5.6 Stout Gluten
Unfined,Copious amounts of oats blend with chocolate malt to create a jet black and super smooth oat stout brewed with freshly roasted coffee .
Eight Arch Square Logic Hampshire 4.2 Pale Ale Gluten
Unfined, Pale ale just bursting with juicy US hops
Elusive Junglist Massive Berkshire 4.7 Coffee Pale Ale TBC
Elusive Shadow of the Beast Berkshire 5 Cascadian Dark Ale TBC
Farr Porter St Albans 5 Porter TBC Six types of malt, old and new world hops, treacle and local honey create a deliciously complex porter with a deep chocolatey nose.
Fishkey Hop2it Cornwall 4 Golden TBC A pale, hoppy citrus bitter with a clear amber body. Refreshing, tasty, filled with fruit and very easy to drink
Fishkey Red IPA Cornwall 4.9 Red IPA TBC Pale Ale that features toast malt characters. It has a balanced ruby red hue with a smooth dry finish
Garden City Centurion Hertfordshire 5 Pale Gluten, Wheat GCB’s 100th brew: single-hop strong pale with US Centennial hops
Garden City Endeavour Pale Hertfordshire 4 Golden Gluten, Wheat Single-hop pale ale – light and very quaffable
Grain Slate Norfolk 6 Porter Gluten Smooth, rich, creamy, complex smoked porter
Gypsy Hill Beatnik London 3.8 Session IPA TBC Beatnik is our flagship, cunningly light pale ale. Showcases all US hops above an uncomplicated malt base, our intention being to demonstrate how much flavour can be achieved in a sub-four percent beer.
Gypsy Hill Denali Lemondrop London 4.5 Pale Ale TBC The first of a series of pale cask beers featuring the aforementioned hops.
Hardknott Peat Soup 7 TBC
Hiver Brown ale London 4.5 Brown Ale TBC For this honey brown ale we ferment raw blossom and heather honeys to complement and add depth to darker roasted malts.
Hiver IPA London 4.9 Honey IPA TBC The honey IPA is amber in colour. We use Pilgrim hops for a woody and earthy nose, Bramling cross for berry top notes and a touch of pepper.
Leighton Buzzard Black Buzzard Leighton Buzzard 5.8 Porter Gluten A crazy marriage of six different malts delivers a wonderful, complex, robust porter with hints of coffee and chocolate.
Mad Dog Bohemian Hipster Wales 4.9 Pale Ale TBC Deep pale ale, single hopped with Dr Rudi giving flavours of lemon grass and pine needles and a touch of citrus.
Mad Dog Greyhound IPA Wales 5.2 IPA TBC Pale hoppy session IPA.
Marble Piwakawaka Manchester 6.2 NZ IPA TBC This IPA is as much a New Zealander as its namesake, the mischievous little P?wakawaka bird. We’ve used Nelson Sauvin, Motueka, Southern Cross and the lesser spotted Dr. Rudi to achieve a burst of smashed gooseberry juice, pineapple and a playful hint of spice. P?wakawaka is said to have gained his iconic fan tail and bulging eyes as a result of a brave run-in with the Moari god, Mãui.
Marble Tuckerlovsky Manchester 4.7 Session IPA TBC A celebration of Jon Tucker and Maria Kozlovskaya’s wedding, 22 April 2017. The citrusy, tropical hop bill includes Australian-grown Cascade, a variety whose Russian and British heritage reflects the marriage that this beer toasts. Lemon, grapefruit, pineapple and pine resin partner with a subtle sweetness whilst a rich mouth-feel leads to a crisp finish.
Moor Confidence Bristol 4.6 Red Ale TBC,
A modern Red Ale, rich caramel toffee malt with a burst of hops. Unfined.
Moor Hoppiness Bristol 6.5 IPA TBC,
Rich caramel malts with a burst of tropically fresh and fruity hops. Unfined.
Nene Valley A Beer Named Leeroy Peterborough 5.5 IPA GF Hugely hoppy and fruity pale ale. Lots of Simcoe, Ekuanot, oats and aromatic malt added to give the beer a big mouthfeel with a hint of maltiness.
Nene Valley Australian Pale Peterborough 4.4 Pale Ale GF Rich golden ale with a floral aroma preceding citrus and tropical fruit flavour from the Australian galaxy hops.
Nene Valley Bible Black Porter Peterborough 6.5 Porter GF Rich and dark with sweet cocoa and dark malt aromas. Gives way to roasted grains and chocolate with coffee.
Nene Valley DXB Special Bitter Peterborough 4.6 Best Bitter GF Chestnut in colour with plenty of maltiness. Balanced with late-hopped spicy character.
Nene Valley Hop Stash Peterborough 5 IPA GF Loads of Simcoe hops bouncing off a malty base. We want to keep all that hoppy goodness in there for you, so expect some HAZE!
Nene Valley Manhattan Project Peterborough 4 Pale Ale GF A light and refreshing beer with lots of citrus and tropical flavours from the Mandarina, Citra and Eureka hops.
Neptune Mermaids Purse Liverpool 4 Golden TBC,
Unfined, Blonde ale, featuring East Kent Goldings
Neptune Sea Monkeys – Ekuanot Liverpool 4.2 Pale Ale TBC,
Unfined, Ekuanot Single Hopped Pale Ale, part of our Sea Monkeys range.
New Bristol Wilson Street Bristol 4.2 Pale Ale TBC This beer was brewed to showcase the hop Jaryllo.
New River Blind Poet Hertfordshire 4.5 Porter TBC Smooth dark porter, made with four malt varieties providing lightly smoked, liquorice and chocolatey flavours.
New River Twin Spring Hertfordshire 4 Bitter TBC Golden ale, with a light creamy head. Brewed with Caramalt and Wai-iti hops creating a wonderful aroma of mandarin, lemon and lime zest
Nortfolk Brewhouse Winter Porter Norfolk 4.5 Porter Gluten A smooth dark ale brewed a blend of 5 malts, including an oak smoked wheat malt, which add complexity and a hint of smokiness with coriander.
Oakham Dragon Peterborough 5 Golden Gluten, Wheat Showcasing one of the new wave of hops from Slovenia this golden beer is bursting with grapefruit, lemon, apple and rose characters.
Oakham Nelson Sauvin Peterborough 3.8 Golden Gluten, Wheat Gooseberry and grapefruit flavours dominate in this pale golden beer showcasing one of New Zealand’s best known hops.
Oakham Slovenian Wolf Peterborough 3.9 Golden Gluten, Wheat Melon, passionfruit and lemongrass combine in this single hop, pale golden beer showcasing the Styrian wolf hop.
Oddly Rhia West London 4 Golden Gluten Unfined, A clean, crisp and refreshing golden ale, dry hopped with Galena.
Oddly Wintry West London 5 Winter ale Gluten, Nuts It’s dark malts winter warmer with Xmas components (nuts and raisins).
One Mile End Great Tom London 3.8 Mild TBC Our take on a traditional Mild Beer brewed with coffee, cocoa nibs and vanilla and dry-hopped with Mosaic for a beautiful blueberry hit!!
One Mile End Salvation! London 4.4 Pale Ale TBC Brewed with Maris Otter barley, a small amount of wheat and lots of US hops.
Red Fox Black Fox Essex 4.2 Porter Gluten A rich flavoured, black beer with smooth chocolate notes.
Red Fox IPA Essex 3.7 Trad IPA Gluten Copper coloured with a dry after taste. An East Anglian style classic beer that keeps you coming back for more.
Redemption Fellowship Porter London 5.1 Porter TBC
Redemption Victorian Mild London 6 Strong Mild TBC Kernel Brewery collaboration – reviving an old Mild recipe
Saltaire Amarillo Gold Yorkshire 4.4 Golden TBC A straw coloured bright wheat beer with a light biscuit base, a distinct orange bouquet and intense citrus flavour.
Saltaire Saltaire Pride Yorkshire 3.9 Bitter TBC Classic English pale bitter with light malt base and spicy fruitiness from the Challenger, Bramling Cross and Cascade hops.
Settle No 1 Gold Yorkshire 4.1 Golden Gluten Flavoursome Golden Ale with a hint of Blackcurrant for a crisp fruity fresh finish.
Settle No 3 Porter Yorkshire 4.7 Porter Gluten Classic robust porter; black and creamy, with a heady mix of rich caramel and coffee.
Summer Wine Redwood Holmfirth 5.6 Red Ale TBC
Summer Wine Resistance Holmfirth 3.7 Dark Mild TBC Dark mild with big personality – deep dark ruby in colour. Has a silky malt body with notes of caramel, cocoa & a gentle roast bitterness combined with a light fruity hop character.
Thornbridge Made North Derbyshire 3.8 Bitter TBC Manchester-style bitter which pours a bright golden colour. Bracingly bitter and dry.
Thornbridge Predjama Derbyshire 5 IPA TBC Slovenian Hopped IPA
Tiny Rebel Harry and Marv Wales 4.5 Golden TBC Azzaca and Motueka hops have resulted in the beer being light and spicy with hints of orange and a faint floral, grassy bitterness lingering throughout.
Track Denali 4.4 TBC
Track Sonoma 3.8 TBC
Turning Point Armadillo Yorkshire 4.5 Pale TBC
Turning Point Electric Eye Yorkshire 4 TBC TBC
Weird Beard Collabageddon ’17 London 6.7 Belgian Black IPA V This is a beer that represents the collective of forward thinking, modern day brewers honing in on their skills and their favourite ingredients. It pops a juicy mix of citrus, lemon curd, resin and bubblegum with Simcoe and Sorachi hops. Add to that Belgium yeast fermented at lower temperatures and you get the fruit salad candy mix of light esters and sweetness. Team those delicious flavours with chocolatey dark malt and comforting toast, this innovative collab pushes conventions of a Black IPA. There’s no turning back post-Collabageddon. This all-in brew was made by Elusive Brewing, Unity Brewing Co, Vibrant Forest, 40FT, Odyssey Brew Co and Affinity Brew Co.
Weird Beard God of the Cold White Silence London 5.5 White Stout TBC Pale beer with stoutish character, with huge amounts of lactose and loads of oats, dosed heavily with cocoa nibs, tonka beans and vanilla. Thick custard, sweet condensed milk and a dash of nutmeg are some of the flavours this beer exudes. Collaboration with Steel City.
West by 3 Chocolate Milk Stout Swansea 5 Stout Gluten The rolled oats and Lactose work together to create a velvet smooth mouth feel. The sweetness is balanced with a touch of bitterness and chocolaty notes from the Cacao Nibs.
West by 3 Grisette Swansea 4.1 Grisette TBC Farmhouse style beer with fruity Ekuanot & Mosaic to compliment the Belgian yeast and coriander.
West by 3 Red Ale Swansea 4.9 Red Ale Gluten A classic Celtic Red Ale. Brewed with Fuggles, Goldings, Challengers, Rye and Vermont yeast
Wild Weather Beta Rebel Berkshire 3.1 TBC
Wild Weather Betrayal Berkshire 4 TBC
Wylam Galatia Newcastle upon Tyne 3.9 Pale Ale TBC A highly quaffable Double Hopped Extra Pale with hints of tangerine and spice.