Report on Stevenage Beer Festival 2017

We hope you enjoyed the 2017 Stevenage Beer Festival earlier this month.

The feedback we got from visitors was that they enjoyed the festival and the overall range of drinks. Having finally sifted through all your festival feedback forms and other data, here is a summary of the key statistics and points that we have identified from your feedback and our own.

If there are other points that you think would help us make the 2018 festival even better, please let us know.

Key Stats:

  • Beers Drunk (Pints): 6,050 (20% more)
  • Cider Drunk (Pints): 980
  • Thursday Attendees: 283 (10% down)
  • Friday Attendees: 1,123 (11% up)
  • Saturday Attendees: 509 (22% down)
  • Total Attendees:  1,915 (3% down)
  • Pints per person (Ale): 3.2 (25% up)

Drinks of the festival:

  • Ale: Joint winners are Alechemy Damona and Cloudwater Pale
  • Cider: Whin Hill – Brown’s Apple
  • Foreign: Founders – Breakfast Stout
  • Key Keg: Wild Weather – Damn Dead Strawberry

We’ll award the certificates to Alechemy & Cloudwater as soon as possible.

Key points:

  • Membership – 27 new members recruited to CAMRA – thanks for joining!
  • Attendance – It was great that we had increased attendance on the Friday. There may have been factors affecting the lower numbers on Saturday – railway line closures, no Stevenage FC home game, clash with the Six Nations Rugby.  However we will look again at our pre-festival publicity as well as sponsorship.
  • Seating – More seating was available this year and this was reflected as less we got feedback about lack of seating. However we’ll look at whether rectangular tables might be a better use of space & allow even more seats.
  • Food –  We are working with Stevenage Leisure, who provide the food as part of the terms of venue hire, to improve the food offering. We would welcome any suggestions subject to that point.
  • Glasses – The festival glasses, including the new stemmed half pint glass, were popular and there were very good sales of pint & half pint ones!
  • Signage – We will look to improve signage in and around the venue for next year, including making the “Bay numbers” more visible.
  • Charity – We will select a charity ahead of the next festival and ensure there are charity boxes  throughout the venue.
  • Pens – we’ll look at whether we can produce festival pens, as we got a lot of visitors asking for pens!


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