CAMRA North Herts – Branch Pub of the Year

It is that time again where the members have an opportunity to become more active and support the CAMRA pub, real ale and cider campaigns. We ask you to help choose the Branch Pub of the Year. Many of you have contributed already in scoring your beers in WhatPub. This information has been used to give a pub list based on the average beer score. An assessment was applied to each pub that it meets the competition rules (e.g. landlord has been in place for at least 9 months so he/she has a proven record, the beer served meets the CAMRA real ale criteria, the average score is the result of a reasonable number of visits by a reasonable number of reporters over the year and the pub ticks all the boxes on the core CAMRA campaigns) and a short list of the top seven pubs produced.

We would like your help in choosing the best branch pub from these top seven which will go into the Hertfordshire county competition. The winner of that will go forward to the East Anglia Region competition and the winner of that into the national competition.

As there are seven pubs on the short list this year, we do not expect members to visit all seven pubs in the voting period. The committee have agreed that we will accept a minimum of FOUR (4) pubs scored. However, you can if you wish and have the time score all seven. But we discourage attempts to visit all seven pubs in one day as the scoring may become a little erratic for the last few pubs visited. We do encourage members to visit the selected pubs more than once, ideally at different times of the day and week. The committee will review the returned voting forms to ensure all the pubs have been fairly covered.

This year in addition to scoring the quality of the beer/ cider/ perry on the form, you MUST also score your beers in WhatPub or record the cider/perry in the comments section on the form at each pub for your vote to count. This will form part of the voting process. The committee will review the returned voting forms to ensure they are valid. Information on scoring beers in WhatPub can be found here –

The voting form to fill in can be downloaded from here.  A pdf version for printing where you have no means of editing the form is available here.  You MUST add your name and your CAMRA membership number before returning the voting form..

To help, guidance on the categories is given on the guidance notes which can be downloaded here. In addition, there is much more guidance on real ale and real cider on the CAMRA web site and

The voting form can be filled in using a word processor or similar and emailed to the contact below. Or it can be printed and either filled in, scanned to give a digital image and emailed. Or it can be printed, filled in and sent by post to the address below.

The votes MUST be in by midnight on Monday 27th February at the address(s) below to count.

email:   subject identified as “CAMRA NH Branch POTY”

Post:    CAMRA NH Branch POTY
            2 Mill End Cottages
            Mill End
            SG11 1LR

Thank you for your help.

Frank Richardson
CAMRA North Hertfordshire

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