Ciders & perries

APPLE COTTAGE FRED’S PERRY HERTS MS(NS) Former East Anglian Perry of the Year
APPLE COTTAGE PERRY COMMA HERTS MS(NS) Hertfordshire Perry of the Year 2015 and 2016
APPLE COTTAGE PYDER HERTS MS(NS) Combination of cider and perry
APPLE COTTAGE WAR FACTOR 7 HERTS M (NS) 6.7 Cider made from a blend of 7 varieties of apples
BERTIES CIDER PHOENIX ESSEX MD 6.5 An easy drinking cider made from a mix of Dessert and Culinary apples
BROADOAK OLD BRISTOLIAN SOMS M 7.5 Strong and packed with flavour.
CASTLINGS HEATH APPLE PIE SUFFOLK S 4.5 Aneasy drinking cider, spiced to taste of Apple Pie
CELTIC MARCHES LILY THE PINK HEREFS M 4.5 Fruity flavour, pink in colour.
COCKEYED CIDER MAD JACK DEVON D 5.0 Clear cider with a refreshing, crisp taste
COCKEYED CIDER COCKBIRD DEVON S 5.0 clear cider with a full apple flavour
COTSWOLD HORNBLOWER OXON M 4.0 Botanical blend of classic Indian chai spices
CROMWELLS OLIVERS CHOICE CAMBS MD 6.7 Aclean, crisp, well balanced cider
CRONES CIDER RUM CASK NORFOLK D 7.5 Made from a mix of apple varieties and matured in a Rum Cask
DORSET NECTAR TOP O’ THE HILL DORSET D(UP/NS)** 5.5 Traditional cider with a light sparkle
HAYWOOD’S FARM DRY CORNWALL D 6.0 Traditional cider from the Allen Valley
MR WHITEHEAD’S MIDNIGHT SPECIAL PERRY HANTS M(UP)* 5.0 Natural pear cider from orchards on the Hampshire Downs
ROSS-ON-WYE SUZIE WONG HEREFS MS(UP)* 5.5 Still cider from a blend of apples
SANDFORD ORCHARDS GINGER DEVON S 4.0 Sweet apple and ginger notes with a slightly tart finish
SANDFORD ORCHARDS FANNY’S BRAMBLE DEVON S 4.0 With blackberries for a uniquely refreshing cider
SEACIDER MARMALADE SUSSEX 4.0 Fresh oranges blended with superb cider
THE BOTTLE KICKING SCRUMMAGE LEICS D(UP)* 6.5 Sharp, traditional farmhouse from East Midlands apples
TWISTED CIDER DERSERT DRY DORSET D 6.0 farmhouse, rich in tannins with a bittersweet flavour
TY GWYN FESTIVAL FERRET WALES M 6.0 Pemium, still, natural, gold cider made with dabinett apples
VENTON’S SKIPPY’S SCRUMPY DEVON D 6.0 Traditional, straw-pressed with vintage Devon apples
WHIN HILL BROWN’S APPLE SV NORFOLK MS 5.4 Alight fruity single variety cider
WORLEY’S RED HEN SOMS M 6.5 Staw coloured and fruity with plenty of flavour
YARDE DRAUGHT DEVON S 6.0 Classic with soft tannin flavour
APPLE COTTAGE APPLE JUICE HERTS 0.0 Juice from apples crushed by the cider maker
UP unpasteurised
NS no sulphites added