Save Your Pint – Mass Parliamentary Lobby Day! 12-12-12

Join us on the 12th December to lobby your MP and stop spiralling beer tax.

Save your pint – stop the beer duty escalator!

What: 100,000 signatures on the e-petition and a three-hour debate in Parliament, the mass lobby is now more important than ever to ensure Government stick to their commitments and review the damaging tax regime on Britain’s pubs and national drink.

When: 12th December 2012

Where (Mass Lobby Meeting Point): Emmanuel Centre
Marsham Street, London

And word from Jackie Parker to all branches:

I would like to thank each of you for the support and enthusiasm you have given to the Mass Lobby Day which is taking place on Wednesday 12 December, and for those who are travelling down to London, I’m sure it will be a day to remember.

As well as asking our members’ to attend the Lobby Day and make appointments to see our MPs, the Campaigns Team have arranged a morning photo call on College Green between 10 am and 10.30 am. In addition National Directors will be delivering a letter to the Prime Minister to 10 Downing Street at 2 pm calling for an end to the duty escalator. To round off the day, a rally will take place between 4 and 4.30 pm with key speeches from MPs and CAMRA representatives.

I do however, appreciate that, for whatever reason, not everyone is able to join us in London to lobby in person, but still very much wants to be involved in this historic event.

For those unable to join us, we are organising a “virtual lobby” to take place on Wednesday 12 December. All members will receive an e-mail in the morning asking them to consider taking the following action.

  • Sending an e-mail to their MP on Wednesday 12 December. We will provide suggested wording which members can then personalise accordingly.
  • Ask members to telephone their MP through the Parliamentary switchboard, we will ensure the telephone number is provided.
  • Ask members to use Social Media to contact their MP asking them to support the campaign including using the #saveyourpint hashtag to send tweets to MPs which will be published on the day. To date over 700 people have signed up to send simultaneous tweets which will help the Lobby Day trend as a topic on Twitter.

Please would you be kind enough to promote the Virtual Lobby on your branch websites, social media and electronically to your members and pubs/breweries within your branch area.

For those of you attending the Mass Lobby, I look forward to seeing you there, and for those who can’t make it, thank you for taking part in our virtual lobby.

Here’s to a successful day of lobbying!

Save Your Pint - Mass Lobby Day 121212

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