Nearly Upon Us! Letchworth Beer & Cider Festival

Festival time is creeping upon us!

Wow, is that the date already? We have less than a week to go before Letchworth Beer & Cider festival kicks off. Next Thursday at 5PM we open the doors… and what an amazing list of beers, ciders, and perries we have for you to enjoy!

We have a lot of “specials” year. Interesting new venue, in town and really close to the train station. Three different “real ale” container types – XT5 good old oak from XT, newfangled “KeyKeg” from Hardknott, as well as the usual firkins & kilderkins for the bulk of the ale. KeyKegs are an interesting development for “real ale” which promises transport advantages (no need for return, much lighter) as well as much better ale keeping properties. For a festival they represent some difficulties too: harder to cool, a lot more equipment needed for dispense (compared to gravity, but not so much so for hand-pump), and lower volume per container. We will have Hardknott’s Azimuth in both KeyKeg & cask, try them side-by-side (same beer, same batch, different container) and let us know what you think. While stocks last!

Our foreign beer selection includes options from across the pond for the first time: Rogue Ales’ Chocolate Stout & OREgasmic. These are also served from keykeg, but using gas pressure rather than hand-pump. That said the gas (CO2 in our case) doesn’t come into contact with the beer so gas can be used to serve from keykeg as “real ale” too. (Whether or not the Rogue beers are naturally or force-carbonated I do not know at the moment.)

Another “first time”: We have an Android app! This contains the full cask ale, cider, perry, and beer list. Not bad! You can select by type, sort by name, brewery, or ABV, and make notes & rate the beers. We plan more features, but probably not in time for Letchworth festival. Many thanks to Kat for doing this for us in her own time.

For further details and any last-minute updates visit the festival page.

Letchworth 2012 Poster

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