Letchworth 2012 – A festival of firsts

First of all, thanks to all the CAMRA volunteers for your time and The Green House for hosting the Letchworth Beer & Cider Festival.. There have been a number of ‘firsts’ on the 21st running of this festival, with the change of venue and the use of key kegs as notable examples. It has been an exciting but exhausting few days, so excuse the delay for the festival report.

And of course a very big thank you to all the wonderfully courteous attendees – it really makes a volunteer’s day to see you all enjoying the festival!

Letchworth 2012 - ale bars & tombola
The clean cask ale bars and tombola before opening the doors

2 thoughts on “Letchworth 2012 – A festival of firsts

  1. there’s a load of other festival photos (and of course videos) floating about – taken by greenhouse & others. do we want to try and gather these all together for here or for the FB page for posterity?

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