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Community Pubs Month 2012
Community Pubs Month - support *your* local

It has nearly been a whole month since Hitchin Beer Festival, so you should have recovered well enough to be thirsty for another beer festival or two. This month we know of four pubs holding beer festivals: The Orange Tree in Baldock and The Lytton Arms in Knebworth this week, and the Half Moon in Hitchin and Our Mutual Friend in Stevenage both have festivals over the last weekend of the month. See the Calendar listing below for more detail.

Have we missed any April beer festivals? We need our members – or anyone really – to help us out by getting involved. We only have a small handful of active CAMRA members, there aren’t enough of us to keep tabs on every pub and every event going on in our patch of Hertfordshire. You can always email us your event details, or comment on this website, or “tweet” us on Twitter – by whatever means we’d like to see more of you involved!

April is CAMRA’s inaugural “Community Pubs Month” and we’re doing what we can to promote events at local pubs. If your local isn’t registered on the Community Pubs Month website (check here) then sign them up! Please enter any events your local is holding this month as well. You don’t have to be the licensee or even a CAMRA member to do this. To enter an event for a pub search for the pub and click the “add event” link at the bottom of the page (this is easiest as it pre-fills all the pub details). Help promote your local!

The following pubs in our area are already listed on the website, some even have some events listed. Note that the events lists on the pub pages are incomplete, the best way to find pub events in your area it to use the event search page!

Also, for a full list of pubs in North Herts that we know are using Twitter click here: North Herts Beer Tweeters Twitter List.

Next 4 upcoming beer festivals:

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