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Good Beer Guide 2012
Good Beer Guide
The deadline for entering beer scores to help us pick the 2013 Good Beer Guide pubs is rapidly approaching – it is February 19th in fact. We would dearly like to see more scores in our database before this date. You can submit beer scores to us using our website, here:

To log in you will need to provide your membership number and postcode.

There is more information on the NBSS here:

Please take the time to read the “known bugs” section at least!

Want to know why you should bother? Read on

As you’ll be aware CAMRA publishes the Good Beer Guide every year to promote those pubs in the UK that are serving cask ale in excellent condition. Each CAMRA branch is allocated a small number of Good Beer Guide spaces for the pubs in their area – in our case this is just 16 pubs (out of more than 200 eligible pubs!) As you may be able to imagine it is a difficult task surveying so many pubs (if one individual were to try on weekends they’d have to visit more than 4 pubs every weekend of the year). We often receive stern words from drinkers & publicans who cannot understand why they’re not in the guide. Sadly we sometimes have to tell them: you’d have a better chance if only a handful more of our hundreds of members scored your ales.

To select which pubs go into the guide we rely 100% on CAMRA members submitting beer scores – we use an entirely empirical approach, we simply take the top 16 eligible pubs and they’re IT! The top pubs in this 16 will form the shortlist that members will be asked to survey to determine who will win the branch Pub of the Year award. As you can see, this is an important part of our local campaigning and we would love to have more local members participating. As a branch we try to help out by running monthly minibus trips to countryside pubs & bi-weekly pub rambles around town pubs. This alone is not quite enough to give some pubs the coverage they need. This is where we need local drinkers who are CAMRA members to help out – please submit beer scores, and encourage any other CAMRA members you know to do the same!

As part of this we try and help to make it easier for members to actually get scores to us. To this end the branch provides its own NBSS website, there is also a national NBSS website – and furthermore we are willing to accept and process hand-written scores from our members (please make them readable!)

All the best & happy scoring!
The North Herts CAMRA Committee

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