Your beer scores count! Get them in for 2013!

Ah, finally after the excitement of the Letchworth festival things seem to be slowing down a little in the lead-up to Christmas break. But that is the best time to start counting up beer scores for the year in time for 2013! If you have placed your favour in a branch pub (or two, or many) then this will definitely be of importance to you.

Good Beer Guide 2012
Good Beer Guide 2012: it's out now, but we need your votes from this year if you want to include your favourite pubs for _next_ year!

You may be a firm supporter of your favourite pub, as a regular and a CAMRA member, but do you know why we ask you to score your beer? For those unaware, it reveals to the rest of the branch if our pubs have been putting the care and effort in serving beer by keeping them in tip-top shape (note that 0 is a ‘no ale’ and 1 is ‘undrinkable’ while 5 is ‘Whoa! Outstanding!!’), and naturally as a member you should be far happier to be served a tasty pint than one that is.. well (quite franky), isn’t. Unsurprisingly, a pub receiving many good beer scores do a great deal in it getting in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide, and ultimately being shortlisted for our branch’s Pub of the Year. Although there are many factors in differentiating an OK pub from a great, serving good beer really is one of the primary factors – there is plenty of competition in our branch area (and we have increased it by including clubs too!)

The greatest tragedy as a member attending the monthly branch meetings leading up to picking a shortlist for the Good Beer Guide (hey you, North Herts members! You can show up too – check the calendar!) is this: seeing that though we have many wonderful drinking establishments eager to serve great beer we cannot include them all. The list is can get pretty long, and length of discussion can mirror that. But if it isn’t scored, it has less backing to get it shortlisted.

So if you cannot make it to the branch meetings, we really can’t emphasize enough: please rate your beer regularly and often as possible. Each year is tallied anew; if you have any scores within this year you need to put them into the NBSS as soon as possible. Every vote helps, and if any of your favourite pubs make it into the Good Beer Guide I’m sure that they won’t be unthankful for the extra exposure for a year. (And why would you want to hide a potential North Herts CAMRA Pub of the Year?)

PS: Hopefully, there will be branch-approved pages to demystify the procedures in how we select the Good Beer Guide list for our branch area as well as how we determine our Pub of the Year. Stay tuned!

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