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Beer Festival Volunteers Needed

Calling all CAMRA members – North Herts branch needs you!

We could still do with a few more volunteers for the Letchworth Beer Festival – which is very soon! — It’s on today! 5pm and we’re opening the doors! —

North Herts CAMRA Needs You! (for the Letchworth Beer Festival)

We need volunteers for the following times (you don’t have to be available for the whole time) – volunteers must be 18+ and CAMRA members.

Especially for Thursday!

  • Thursday 22nd September (bar/etc service) – 12 noon – Midnight
  • Friday 23rd September (bar/etc service) – 11am – Midnight
  • Saturday 24th September (bar/etc service) – 11am – Midnight
  • Sunday 25th September (take-down) – 10am – 2pm

As encouragement here are some of the benefits of volunteering:

  • You get your beer for just £1 a pint while you’re working.
  • If you stay after 11pm CAMRA will pay for your taxi home.
  • You get an invite to the workers’ party (free beer & food!)

If you can help out please contact Paul Beardsley via email to or by phone using 07970 440 703.

Thanks – and see you at the festival!

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