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A new look – website theme update

You may have noticed over the weekend that we have updated the look of the website. We’ve tried some seemingly trivial changes that hopefully would make it easier to use for all, which include:

Comparison of the new and old look

A new look for the branch website

  • Highlighting upcoming events on the front page – see the next 5 events immediately with helpful summary icons.
  • More content on the front page – the latest story is shown in full, while the snippets are hopefully easier to read.
  • Migrating to Google Calendar. If you have a Google account you can add our branch events straight into your Google calendar (or other compatible calendar software.)
  • Reassessed some old pages to make finding information easier. This may be ongoing.
  • Twitter stream for more spontaneous ‘micro entry’ news.
  • The random images now link to the articles or pages on the site that they’re from.

If you are keen on writing content for the branch then please email (or post a comment below). We’d love to see more photos and write-ups from our social events or other local real ale events. We hope that the website would make contributions for The Pints of View easier in the long run – so perhaps in the future your article may appear for all of Hertfordshire to enjoy!

Please be aware there might be some teething issues (M$ Internet Explorer, I’m looking at you!) that might take a while to sort out (since development currently lacks a Windows box).

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