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Entries written in April 2010

Red Lion, Preston, beer festival

The Red Lion in Preston has postponed its beer festival from May to November.   As always, if you know of any other details for the Local Pub Festivals page, please let me know.

Beer Festivals

Interested in beer festivals?   Have a look at our Beer Festival pages!  I’ve added a new page, Local Pub Festivals, listing any festivals being run by local pubs.  By “local” I mean anything within striking distance.  There are not many listed so far, but if you know of any others, let me ( know and I’ll add[…Read on]

April/May events

See the Diary for updated details of April and May events.  In particular, please contact us urgently if you want to go on the Herts County Pub Of The Year survey trip on Saturday 17th Arpil.  Also, contact us if you want to go on either or both of the trips on Saturday 15th May.[…Read on]

Hitchin Beer and Cider Festival 2017

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Branch Diary

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