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Pub of the Year 2009 – Half Moon, Hitchin

We’re very pleased to announce that the Half Moon, Hitchin, is our Branch Pub of the Year for 2009.

Congratulations to Wendy, Howard & the team.

The presentation will made at 20:30 on the 9th May.

  1. Patrick Simpson said on 2009/04/06 10:39 am

    Howard, Wendy & Team

    Congratulations and well deserved.Glad to see your hard work and commitment hasn’t gone unnoticed.

  2. adam said on 2009/04/14 4:15 pm

    nice one

  3. boris said on 2009/06/05 7:45 pm

    i wholeheartedly disagree that this pub should win pub of the year as it is a complete discrace

  4. garjo said on 2009/08/16 12:07 pm

    Totally agree with Boris – I really cannot understand this decision – when you look at other pubs in the area in North Herts – understand now voted Herts pub of the year!!! Not sure why I`m a member of CAMRA.

  5. Andy R said on 2009/08/18 8:20 am

    Gary – The decision is one taken by mebers that actively participate. If you have a view then join in the debate and come along to a meeting!

    Andy R – Pubs Officer

  6. gary said on 2009/09/07 7:14 pm

    Fair point – Not sure what the defination of active partcipation is though – is that just attending branch meetings?- is it possible to vote online or via e-mail? No disrespect to Half Moon but as I say I simply do not agree that this is the best pub in North Herts or Herts when compared with some of the other listed CAMRA pubs in the area

  7. Andy R said on 2009/09/13 1:20 pm

    Gary, the easiest way to get involved is to submit views on beer quality via the ‘NBSS Scoring’ link at the top right of this website. Here we collect views on the quality of beer served in local pubs along with any other comments. All you need is your membership number and postcode to log in to the system. The data collected here is the starting point for the selection of pubs that listed in the Good Beer Guide, one of which will become pub of the year after many visits and debate at a Branch Meeting.


  8. Phil M said on 2011/01/20 8:44 am

    Yes, the Half Moon does have a good selection of beer, but is it not about time that CAMRA looked beyound just the beer? What about the domestic arguments, mood swings, and general frustrations of the job, all of which are witnessed by customers? The food though good quality, is still only burgers & Tapas! Much more could be done with this pub but it needs more that just a good ‘Pot man’.

  9. Andy R said on 2011/01/21 8:10 pm

    Thanks for your comment. You are absolutely correct in that a good pub is more than one that serves a selection of good beers.

    When selecting our Pub of the Year we do consider much more than the beer quality. Factors such as welcome, value for money, atmosphere and service are also taken in to account. We do recognise this it can be hard to balance good beer with the other qualities that make a pub worthy of the ‘Branch Pub of the Year’ title. Good beer is a pre-requisite and not the only factor considered.

    Andy Rawnsley
    Pubs Officer, CAMRA North Hertfordshire

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